Secure Your Future by Securing Sane FL Medical Freedom Laws

MEDICAL FREEDOM IS A BASIC HUMAN RIGHT that has been overlooked to the extreme detriment of U.S. citizens. The havoc this void in our laws can create has become evident to us in the past two and a half years. Laws currently on the books in Florida delegate your medical choices directly to the state health officer (who, in Florida, is the state surgeon general) in emergencies. Under an unenlightened governor, your medical choices could be taken away at the next “emergency” declaration.

The remedy of flawed medical freedom laws and the creation of new laws to secure the essential rights to medical choice require medical and legal experts who can create a defensible strategy to protect public health in an emergency. NOOW is collaborating with Attorney Shawn McBride, president of the American Freedom Information Institute, who has doggedly pursued this mission for years and has become an expert in this area, on his own time outside his regular legal practice.

Shawn has done amazing work, in volume. If you want to view his videos on advocacy, visit his newsletter on Substack. But Shawn needs help from other attorneys to get this work done. He can write the core of these bills and remedies, but he needs other attorneys to be a second set of eyes, to do cross-checks and to do further research.

He also needs help from doctors. Whatever he and his legal experts create will have to be defended by medical experts. In particular, they will need to weigh in on what types of public health measures will control an outbreak while still respecting citizens’ rights. They will need to understand contagion control and defend their positions on the law at public hearings. The testimony of these doctors will be front and center at committee hearings in Tallahassee in order to make the laws viable.

Shawn has found both doctors and attorneys who are fully aligned to this issue and willing to help, but none are free. Shawn estimates it will take 40–60 hours of his time alone to do this correctly. He has been collaborating with fellow freedom fighter Tom Oltorik to drive this effort. Tom has set up a GIVE-SEND-GO campaign to raise the $15,000 Shawn estimates will be needed to cover his basic non-profit expenses through this coming legislative cycle, and to hire the professional help he needs to provide the expert language and testimony to remedy current bills and create new bills. Tom has set up the funding campaign, but the money will go directly to the non-profit American Freedom Information Institute, under the control of Shawn.

As background, Tom Oltorik is Florida state director of the medical freedom group Tom was a successful commercial pilot for decades who became a medical freedom advocate after getting “the letter” from his airline telling him that he was now going to have to receive an untested medical procedure in order to fly. As a result, he became a part of, an organization that promotes citizen lobbying as a fundamental civic duty. You will hear more about Tom in further issues.

The more we raise for this important effort, the more help they can buy. Further, if you know of medical and legal experts who are passionate and knowledgeable in this area of public health and citizen’s rights, please have them contact Shawn McBride at or (407) 349-3085.

Maggy Graham, NOOW contributing writer