Your letter can make a huge difference!

Send a letter or email to your congressman, senator, governor, other elected officials and others that can take action such as the media, CEOs, and Boards of Directors. The more letters and emails they receive that protest the adoption of vaccine and other mandates, the more they will pay attention.

The term “We the People” as the first words of the Constitution of the United States are the three most powerful words in the establishment of our nation. For it is WE that convey all the powers described thereafter in this living, breathing document. Thus, we are the stakeholders, the true owners of the power that forms our great nation.

And with these words comes responsibility. Just as the board of directors of a large corporation must ultimately answer to the shareholders, so it is with our government. When government runs amiss, it is our responsibility as citizens to do our job to get things running on the right track. This is when we need to speak up and let our elected representatives know what we believe to be right and wrong and how we want to be represented. Their job is to listen and act accordingly.

A productive lobbyist once told us that in the minds of our congressmen and senators, each letter received represents a percentage of the population’s viewpoint. Your letters have force, and collectively our letters impress upon our representatives what actions we want them to take on our behalf. That’s why, among other things we’ll do, we write letters—letters that speak volumes.

We at NOOW have a term that describes an individual that acts and writes letters: A PATRIOT!

See samples of letters written below (PDFs) and the document that outlines how to be an effective letter writer. Then you can access the links below to find your representative’s address.

How to write an effective letter:

How to find your U.S. Representatives:

  • Go to:
  • Fill in your state
  • This brings up a map of your state, showing the districts.
  • Fill in your zip code and hit the Go button.

How to find your U.S. Senators:

How to find your State Senators and Representatives:

Most states also have their own, scaled down legislatures, which handle lawmaking and legislative issues for the individual state. Many states have adopted a system like that used in Congress, with a lower house of assembly members and an upper house of senators.

To find your state representatives, do a Google search:
state congressmen florida (or whatever state you’re in)