Kirk Mossing

Co-Founder and Executive Chairman

As a master of design management for larger high-tech and corporate clients primarily in Silicon Valley, Kirk turned his skills to overseeing creative and technical marketing services. Starting with presentation design work in 1988, he served and taught at over 150 companies, including Google, Intel, HP, Cisco, Disney, Chevron, Adobe, Merrill Lynch, the Gap, Stanford University, and many venture-capital firms and design agencies. From this experience he moved globally into investing and corporate development. In 1999, he made his first trip to the Crimea in Ukraine. Since that time he deeply interacted in Russian-speaking countries, with extensive traveling to all corners of this part of the world, encompassing Russia, Serbia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Transnistria, as well as living in Ukraine and Moldova. He was able through direct interaction (medical, university, government, and personal) to glean a unique and direct perspective on the ravages that communism wreaks. From this he went on to directly help thousands of people globally through major financial contributions, personal direct help, and consulting. He has received numerous awards and recognitions for such philanthropic efforts, including a humanitarian recognition from the president of the United States. This extensive personal firsthand experience with the depravity man can reach naturally led to co-founding and co-leading