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Fifth Generation Warfare

The aim of this type of warfare is “to manipulate the adversary’s perception of reality, using methods to confuse, mislead, and ultimately achieve the strategic objective without the adversary even realizing that they are at war."

2023-10-08T11:15:54+00:00October 8, 2023|Authors, Lee Kessler|0 Comments

President’s Message

Every citizen needs to know the Constitution and the specific meanings of the very words that have paved the road and continue to be the boundaries of all of the greatness that the United States represents.

2023-06-11T14:55:51+00:00April 5, 2023|Stu Rosenbaum|0 Comments

Undivided, We Multiply

Our health freedoms can’t be left to chance in future elections. We must press the advantage and get some laws in place that will put firm ground under our sane administration so insane rulers can’t wash it all away with “the next pandemic.”

2023-06-17T20:34:22+00:00January 23, 2023|Alan Graham, Authors|0 Comments
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