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Undivided, We Multiply

Dear members and friends of Not On Our Watch:

Both chambers of the Florida Legislature are in committee meetings now, getting their proposals ready for the legislative session that convenes March 7 and adjourns May 5, 2023.

Our lawmakers have a rare opportunity to right the wrongs built into Florida’s public health statutes.

With your help, this can be a historic session where bad laws go to die and good ones change for the better.

We have some powerful bills being proposed with the goal of securing medical freedom in the state of Florida. We are blessed with a governor who barely won in 2018, and proceeded to shore up our shaky election integrity so that the 2022 returns reflected his truly overwhelming voter support.

Sounds great, but his perch is precarious. Topple him and the ground vanishes beneath us. There are blue states voting right now to impose huge retroactive taxes on the conservatives who moved here to breathe the air of the maskless.

Our health freedoms can’t be left to chance in future elections. We must press the advantage and get some laws in place that will put firm ground under our sane administration so insane rulers can’t wash it all away with “the next pandemic.”

Two very exciting bills are being proposed: Senate Bill 222 (SB222) and House Bill 305 (HB305). They protect Floridians from continued discrimination based on their vaccination or immunity status.

Here are some highlights:

  • Vaccination / immunity status becomes a protected class in our civil rights language.
  • Employers cannot discriminate based on vaccination or immunity status.
  • Your vaccination data won’t cross the state line or be handed over to the federal government.
  • Vaccine passports are prohibited; no entity can ask you for proof of vaccination.

Take five minutes today, go to the Stand for Health Freedom website and use their very simple ACTION ALERT SYSTEM to send emails to your Senator and Representative. You can use their language, or compose your own email.


Earn twice the love by taking ten minutes to make this email go anti-viral.

Drop us a quick note at to let us know how you helped.

Stand For Health Freedom is also asking anyone who has been discriminated against over vaccination status to please visit the website and tell your story. These will help drive home the urgency of getting these bills passed.

Thanks in advance for standing with us.


The folks at Not On Our Watch

You forgot to mention Not On Our Watch, Joe.

Erika, Save Me

Alexa, do you remember typewriters?
No two machines were just alike, because
the keys were never aligned perfectly.

In the Soviet Union,
if you wanted to publish your poetry,
you’d crank in four sheets of paper
with carbons in between

And hand off the copies
to others who would do the same.
The work was called samizdat,
a forbidden activity.
It means “self-published.”

The KGB (the original fact checkers)
registered every typewriter at the factory
with a sample of the quirky type it produced
and could track you down that way.
Alexa, I didn’t say “qwerty.”
Please don’t autocorrect me.

For the wrong viewpoint,
or maybe just bad poetry,

it was off to the interrogator,
maybe the gulag, who knew?
Yet samizdat outlived that dynasty.

Dr. Zhivago was published this way,
countless typists sweating without pay
so others could read about a poet
who wasn’t political.

And if that was counter-revolutionary,
what did that make the typists?
Dead if they weren’t careful—

Unless they owned an Erika,
a sweet little portable
built in East Germany, smuggled by travelers

back to a country starved for poetry.
Her type samples were not on file,
So you could samizdat to your heart’s content
and stay out of jail.

Alexa, get me an Erika.

Alan Graham