There is no “uni-party” in local politics.

by Jeff Childers

Do you remember who it was that declared you, your church, and your small businesses were “non-essential?” It wasn’t President Trump. It wasn’t even Fauci. It was your local county commissioner, that’s who! Wake up! The feds only published guidelines. In most states, local politicians used their broad emergency powers to pull the country’s economic plug, and now look where we are.

It’s not the White House Resident who is loading bookshelves with gay porn in the kids’ sections of your local libraries. It’s the local library board. It’s not [Governors] Beshear or Hochul or Newsom instructing teachers to lie to parents about their kids experiencing dysphoric mental illness. It’s the local school board.

Folks say they hate the uni-party, but there’s no uni-party in local politics.

The national uni-party convinces folks to root for a single person, turning presidential politics into the Super Bowl, so folks will get so distracted they won’t do the work to take and keep control of their own home towns.

Local is where everything important starts. Local citizens first cut their teeth on politics as city commissioners, mayors, tax collectors, and supervisors of elections. It’s a meritocracy. As they gain political experience, the best local ones run for state offices. As they prove themselves at the state level, the best state-level ones percolate up and run for national office or high state office, like for governor. National-level politicians who last get appointed into federal agencies, or to run universities, or into other top federal offices.

Want secure elections? First, secure the supervisor of elections positions and the district attorney jobs. That’s what George Soros did. You can see the result.

To get the best return on a political investment, folks should allocate seventy percent of their time and money to local races. Twenty percent should go to state-level races. And a little bit, ten percent, into national races, including for president. I made those numbers up, but you get the idea.

To be clear, I’m not saying the next presidential race is unimportant. The issue is a matter of proportion, of how we invest our limited time and treasure.

Let’s reverse the “Soros scheme.”

Excerpted from the Nov. 9, 2023 issue of Jeff’s blog, Coffee & Covid, the only news feed I read every day.

— Ed.