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Who Are We?

Not On Our Watch Mission:

Energize and Unite all Americans with the vision (common purposes) upon which our country was founded and put its future in the hands of the People.

NOT ON OUR WATCH is focused on reclaiming the Liberties provided to us by the Constitution, and the power to make our own decisions in matters of personal survival.

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  • educating our citizens in the Constitution
  • activating citizens to be responsible and run their government
  • educating our citizens to become effective citizen lobbyists and take back the power from unscrupulous corporate special interests
  • getting representatives elected who will represent the people and not special interests, who will live up to their oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the US against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

WE HAVE TWO MAIN ACTIVITIES. The first is training, and the second is coordinated advocacy. We intend to tackle every law that puts any liberty in jeopardy–such as medical mandates–using a trained, unified body of citizen advocates bearing a unified message. We aim to build power in numbers. In the blog we aim to help you vote with your dollars, recognize enemies of the people, and prioritize your messaging to your friends and leaders.


First, we train each person in the Constitution. Make this simpler- train each to know the constitution and their rights, starting with the six basic purposes outlined in the constitution’s preamble.

Second, we operate a robust Action Alert system and have a team of advocates who take significant actions including- meeting with legislators, writing emails and make calls to our representatives throughout the legislative process.

Third, we teach citizen advocates the simple steps of how to build relationships with their representatives and their staff and how to communicate what help we need from them. This is run by our Advocate Team Trainer.

Fourth, we build advocacy teams of two to bring a unified message of what needs to be remedied or secured, run by an Action Team Coordinator.

IF THIS APPROACH MATCHES YOUR GOALS, please visit our ACTIONS YOU CAN TAKE section to find out what you can do immediately. This is a matter of numbers, so bring your like-minded friends.

Our Executive Committee

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John Henderson

John Henderson is the owner and CEO of several businesses providing Business and Inventory Management Systems Software to small and large companies...

Bill Green

Bill has an extensive background in the areas of investigations, data gathering, and litigation research...

Kirk Mossing

As a master of design management for larger high-tech and corporate clients primarily in Silicon Valley, Kirk turned his skills to overseeing creative and technical marketing services...

Stuart Rosenbaum

Stuart Rosenbaum is an entrepreneur, executive, philanthropist, and author. He was born in Philadelphia, then relocated to Silicon Valley where he eventually founded several businesses...

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