Tell W.H.O., America’s Sovereignty is Not For Sale

Radio host Karen Schoen interviewed Stu Rosenbaum and Dr. Alf Garbutt on Feb 28, 2023.

You know Stu as the President of Not On Our Watch.

Dr. Alf Garbutt has been an inventor/designer, lecturer, writer, artist, university instructor in sports medicine, Editor for a doctors’ professional journal, academic and clinical researcher, Doctor of Chiropractic and Clinical Nutritionist for over 40 years, International Sports Medicine Director for World Organization of Martial Arts Athletes, 26-time martial arts world champion, member of 3 international martial arts halls of fame, bodyguard, consultant, and doctor for numerous Olympic, pro and other world-class athletes.

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What follows is an abridged transcript of the first half of the interview, provided to encourage listening, not as a substitute for it.  –Editor

Karen: Stu, what is Not on Our Watch?

Stu: Our initial focus was to fight the mandates. To do that, we needed to educate the population on their rights as spelled out in the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of their state. One of the first ideas was to make sure that a lot of people are getting educated, even to the point of giving them a course that would train them as active citizens. What we call an “active citizen” would be someone who is willing to take a stand—send an email, write a letter, go protest, have an in-person meeting with one of their federal or state legislators. We want to empower them to do what citizens are supposed to do, which is run their government.

So our focus was to take that education we’re providing and help them channel that into something near and dear to a lot of them, which is their own medical choices and medical freedom. In this particular case, fighting the mandates. We were able, through Congressman Gus Bilirakis of Florida District 12, to influence some legislation, although it’s very difficult in today’s political climate.

Karen: some of the laws on the books in Florida are horrendous, but fortunately we have a good governor and a great surgeon general. Dr. Alf, you are in Florida as well?

Alf: Yes, the Clearwater-Tampa Bay area. I escaped from California, just as Stu did.

Karen:  The thing that upset me most today was the story about the World Health Organization, which our president is going to be signing us into, allowing this organization run by the Communist Chinese to dictate our health policy. What is that all about?

Alf:  First, I want to clarify that whatever I’m going to say is based on my First Amendment rights.

This thing on the WHO, first of all, it’s unconstitutional for him to sign that without the Senate’s approval. It’s also illegal, as far as I know, for an entity outside the US to control us or enforce any laws on us. They have the power to police themselves internally, but not to enforce their dictates on people around the world. The Cochrane Review shows that masks don’t work against viruses. It doesn’t lessen contamination.

When I was practicing full-time, if somebody had pneumonia or a bacterial infection, I put a mask on, and I put a mask on them. It helped. But a bacterium is so large compared to a virus, it’s like a basketball compared to a BB. The WHO was wrong on that. And telling us to stay six feet away from people, there’s no research backing that up. They put out regulations and recommendations that were based on no real science. It’s never happened in the past that we would quarantine and isolate the healthy. It does not work on reducing the spread of diseases.

It’s really designed to get us accustomed to being controlled and ordered and standing in line and doing all these things. So the WHO is totally wrong, and the research coming out by the honest people are showing that. I don’t care what a person’s credentials are if they’re corrupt.

They’ve changed the definitions to allow these jabs to be classified as vaccines, but they’re not a vaccine. They’re genetic modification therapies that could not get approved before. And there’s no “off” switch to this. I’m up in arms about this because it’s harming my society, it’s putting my grandchildren at risk.

Alf touches on a great many topics of interest regarding the design and manufacture of the so-called vaccines, their effects on the body and society.

Karen B. Schoen

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