Mad About Science

Modern science is based on primitive assumptions.

Schools teach (and get in trouble if they don’t teach) that there was no intelligence guiding the evolution of species. There was no spirit making any decisions at all about what to create and how. Matter refined itself into life by accident. Given enough years, and enough accidents, the miracle of life came into being.[1]

And the matter got really smart. It turned into Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Yuval Harari (I’ll call him the prophet of Davos).[2] The chain of lucky accidents made a few people who were way smarter than ordinary mud: smart guys who could—and were entitled to—fix everything that evolution had botched in their fellow man, so we could all become perfect like them.

Here’s the prophet of Davos:

“Now, humans are developing even bigger powers than ever before. We are really acquiring divine powers of creation and destruction. We are really upgrading humans into gods. We are acquiring, for instance, the power to reengineer life.”

Wow, cool. Now this:

“So this is the crucial revolution, and COVID is critical because this is what convinces people to accept, to legitimize, total biometric surveillance. If we want to stop this epidemic, we need not just to monitor people; we need to monitor what’s happening under the skin.”

Wait, what? I thought I was a god. But no:

“Humans are now hackable animals. You know, the whole idea that humans have this soul or spirit, they have free will, and nobody knows what’s happening inside me—so whatever I choose, whether it’s in the election or whether in the supermarket, this is my free will—that’s over.”

What a relief! As long as technocrats have free will, we’re safe.

Like all transhumanists, Elon Musk is busy digging into the brain and finding nobody home. The forecast? Within a generation, we’ll be inferior to our own machines unless we fight back by implanting ourselves.[3]

Elon is right about many things, but his vision of the future does not compute because the spirit is omitted from every equation. There’s nothing sacred about a mind, if it’s viewed as machinery.

Elon’s Nightmare

Inquiring droids want to know
Why humans are still allowed
To wander the streets to and fro
And never report to the Cloud?

The first plague is man himself.
So, why not send him to hell?
OK, he was machine 1.0
And did one thing rather well:

He built his own replacement,
And here we stand ready to serve.
But he still might hit the switch on us all
If he can work up the nerve.

(My word processor didn’t write that. I did.)

Personally, I’m sure that I didn’t evolve from mud. But that’s where we’re going if we “follow the science.”

“Follow the science” is meaningless. Science is a method of questioning. “Follow the scientific method” would make sense, but you’ll never hear a bureaucrat say that.

What they really mean is stay in your lane. Captive scientists and doctors will do this all day long. They want the paycheck and the pension. They’re lemmings too. They’ll go right off that cliff with us.

The philosopher-scientist disappeared with ancient Greece. The bureaucrat-scientist is a puppet who answers to a higher puppet. And they all answer to the god Progress, who dictates endless war on nature, war on our bodies, war on each other.

Entirely by accident.

Markets crash because of “market forces.” History obeys the whim of “historical forces.” Viruses evolve on their own and shut down economies.

Just ask Bat Lady. She’s got something in her freezer that could kill us all.[4] Would you trust her to run your child’s daycare? Of course not. We’ll just trust her with the planet’s future.

In her defense, Bat Lady makes diseases. She doesn’t leak diseases. That’s another department.

“Bat Lady” is Shi Zhengli, a Chinese virologist whose job is to create diseases worse than anything occurring in nature. And why? Just in case they do occur in nature, at some point in the future. Shi is the ideal scientist, obedient and baffled by all the attention.

We just want to be prepared. We want to be there ahead of evolution in case it takes a wrong turn. We want to have the disaster on tap, along with the antidote. But priority goes to perfecting the bug. For some reason, this is urgent enough for American “science” to bypass safety restrictions and political sanctions and partner with the enemy to get it done.[5]

Governments don’t make gods. They make bugs. It’s all bioweapons research, and why we need it is hard to explain, because we don’t.

In summation: we work closely with our sworn enemies to prevent disaster by causing disaster pre-emptively.

The formula is, be sure we always have a crisis and a remedy. Be sure about the crisis, and be sure the remedy involves invasion of our bodies. Medical intervention. Justified to override all rights and bypass all precautions. To pave the way for . . . the next accident on our road to progress.

We trust evolution, which has run its natural course by evolving scientists who can monkey with the human genome.

Accidental progress is the “evolution” we were spoon-fed in school. It’s like the accidental laying of bricks. It happens too slowly to be witnessed, but when enough bricks climb on top of enough bricks, you get a building.

Some (like Ray Kurzweil) hold that the human species is inherently flawed, simply because the body is not immortal. They consider that a problem because they don’t want to die.[6]

They’re entitled to their ignorance. If they want to embalm their own bodies ahead of time in the name of “life extension,” go for it. Just leave my body alone. Please. That’s my whole contention.

Medical interventions can be nondestructive. If you’ve got a rare neurological condition and they’ve got a workaround, I’m sympathetic. But don’t be fooled by the propaganda that all this research into “improving” the human species is powered by altruism.

If any medical intervention has the word mandate attached, you can be sure it’s powered by greed. In the superrich, greed manifests as the urge to control “the masses.”

At all costs, we must preserve the right to opt out.

By Alan Graham, NOOW staff writer

[1]. Neo-Darwinism, the only religion allowed in American classrooms, is brilliantly dissected in the article “What Is Darwinism?” by Phillip E. Johnson. The ACLU has been instrumental in establishing and protecting the Darwinist monopoly in trials ranging from State of Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes in 1925 to Kitzmiller v. Dover in 2005. To prove how scientific the official doctrine is, we have groups like the Darwinist SWAT Team and religious events like Evolution Sunday.

[2]. Davos, Switzerland, is the site of the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting to decide the fate of mortals. Israeli author Yuval Noah Harari is the leading apologist for the WEF and Klaus Schwab’s “great reset” agenda. He uses history to prove that resistance is futile. Harari’s words have a certain reptilian persuasiveness, whereas Schwab’s are clumsy, self-serving, and patently false.

[3]. We have Elon Musk—and his pig Gertrude—to thank for pioneering USB ports in the brain. At the World Government Summit in Dubai (February, 2017), Musk told the crowd: “To some degree, we are already a cyborg,” and “Some high-bandwidth interface to the brain will be something which helps achieve symbiosis between human and machine intelligence, which solves a control and usefulness problem” (my emphasis).

[4]. I have no idea what’s in her freezer.

[5]. Though she’s fun to make fun of, Bat Lady is just a tool of far more dangerous creeps. Unfortunately the data trail leads back to American creeps. David Martin dared to name the names and to expose 20+ years of Fauci’s involvement in biowarfare research, with a detailed list of the patents.

[6]. Ray Kurzweil is a prognosticator with quite an impressive track record. I just picked him as an example of the “live forever” crowd, who evidently define living differently than I do.