Patriotism Gone Viral

You’ve heard the stories about ‘Global Elites’ hard at work attempting to form a one world government controlled by “guess who?” “You will own nothing and be happy” is the mantra of Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum (WEF). Those of us that actually paid attention in history class know that this is just another face of communist totalitarian rule.

Whether or not the WEF is the true force behind this globalist movement, or just an elaborate put up by façade some much darker forces, remains to be seen. But alert patriotic Americans know this won’t be happening so long as the US Constitution remains in force. No doubt there are subversive elements in our society attempting to undermine our critical social infrastructure including education, media, religion, and healthcare, and it’s evident that agencies of our own federal government are likely co-opted into this coup d’état against the American people.

But we’re Americans! What do we do? We fight! Freedom and Liberty are the values we fight for, and some have even died for. That Constitution and our American values have held up for two and a half centuries and too many of us aren’t willing to give them up. So, how do we fight back? We do it in the courts, at the polls, peaceably in the streets, and with our dollars by not supporting businesses that adopt anti-American or subversive policies. We do it with our voices, letters, blogs, videos, tweets (until canceled) and even our convoys!

The way to stop this incursion against our ideals is to have Patriotism go Viral!! We activate citizens that will stand up and say  — Nope, ain’t happening, no way — NOT ON OUR WATCH!

The first step for creating activated citizens — patriots — is to ensure each knows their rights. Citizens have a duty to know their rights and to defend them for self and all of American society.

The best way to start is to understand the Constitution. Notice — I didn’t just say read it. Understand what you are reading….as while the Constitution IS NOT SOME OLD OUTDATED DOCUMENT, some of the language may be ‘outdated’, but not the meaning and intent. Therefore — I recommend getting a copy of Dave Kluge’s “The People’s Guide to the United States Constitution.”

Dave provides the exact text of the Constitution and also gives you a rich history of events leading up to the Declaration of Independence, the full text of the Declaration itself, and he’s inserted comments throughout that define the meanings of various terms and provides ‘color commentary’ of what was occurring at the time that led to the drafting of both the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution. It’s an easy and enlightening read that has personally re-invigorated my patriotic spirit and the best way to understand these documents. This is knowledge we all need to be effective citizens!

Stu Rosenbaum