A Message to My Friends

I have a message for you. Vaccine Mandates are dangerous and immoral. They are based on lies. The vaccine doesn’t stop the spread, it doesn’t stop one from contracting the disease, and it doesn’t stop variant mutations—per our own CDC and NIH. To force an individual against their will to receive a medical treatment with known potential and dangerous side effects is immoral, and any attempt to categorize someone as immoral for refusing the shot is dangerous!

Government intervention into the private lives of individuals is also dangerous and immoral. When mayors, governors, and the President himself are willing to FIRE our heroes — military, police, firefighters, nurses, and hospital workers, regardless of time of service, regardless of the number of lives they’ve saved and regardless of our heroes’ individual rights, human rights and concerns over the safety of an experimental new bio-technology, that’s beyond just dangerous and immoral, it’s downright insidious and corrupt.

As a people, we are the stakeholders of our cities, states and nation and we shouldn’t stand for this. This can’t happen — on our watch!  To date, there are 17,437 reported deaths post vaccination on our governments own reporting system — the CDC’s VAERS — Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System. The year’s not over and that number is greater than 28 times the number of any reported previous year starting in 1990. Thus far this year, there’s more than 818,000 total reported adverse events including over 83,000 hospitalizations, more than 92,000 urgent care visits, more than 10,000 cases of Bell’s Palsy, and over 2,600 reported miscarriages.  Worse yet, numerous medical opinions and various reports indicate that the majority of adverse events are never reported due to a lack of time, resources or knowledge on the part of the medical staff required to report such incidents.

To continue to parrot the lines ‘safe and effective’ with these numbers — reported by our own US Government is a crime against humanity. To force people with the impossible decision of the jab or the job is nothing less than government tyranny. For CEOs and boards to go along with mandates and not voice moral opposition is a deplorable violation of public trust, and worthy of the loss of support of all consumers that care to uphold the freedoms and values that the US constitution has accorded to us — vaccinated or not!

Where are our congressional leaders, business leaders and religious leaders when it comes to this immoral injustice? Where are the impartial investigations? Where are the senate hearings? Thank goodness for the few who’ve spoken up — Southwest Airlines in their about face regarding mandates and in the CEO’s own words regarding firing the unvaccinated — “It makes no sense”, then followed suit by other airlines, or the executives at In and Out Burger of California — who refuse to be the vaccine police for the local government, choosing instead to let that location be closed.

As an American I have no truck with either the vaccinated or unvaccinated and support each’s right to choose but would be offended by those unwilling to speak up for the rights of their fellow Americans. The current vaccine mandates and passport requirements are mere harbingers of whatever’s to come next. Don’t let this dangerous atrocity happen, NOT ON OUR WATCH, not now, not ever. Don’t let the government fire your neighbor or local hero — stand up for him and her. Never forget that our country is still governed of the people, by the people and for the people. It’s up to us to fight back against the tyranny of government gone wild that’s systematically stripping us of our rights. These actions of government act like a cancer — and we all know that cancer unchecked will kill its host!

I’m just a regular guy, American citizen, appreciative of the opportunity my country has provided for me, my family, and millions of others. I’m not some political pundit or left or right-wing conspiracy theorist — just a regular guy who’s woken up to the deterioration occurring in our nation. Perhaps this is the definition that WOKE should mean. I just decided I saw enough, decided this can’t happen on my watch, I have a responsibility to our nation, to the firefighter in NY, or the nurses in Ohio, or the police officers in LA and our military. So many of our fellow Americans have been there for us — putting their lives on the line so that I, you, all of us can have a better life than most of the population of earth is afforded. For me to not speak up at this stage would be dead wrong. I can’t let this degradation or our nation happen. Neither can my wife, my kids, or our friends. To do nothing is both dangerous and immoral.

If you’ve had the same revelations that I’ve had lately, then take some action now. Write your congressional representatives, your senators, local government, and business leaders. Tell them to look at the data and understand why so many are hesitant to get the shot, and recognize that those numbers on the VAERS reports, especially deaths also represent fallen heroes as they have paved the way for truth.

Let’s stop these passports and mandates. Don’t let them stand — Not On Our Watch.

Stu Rosenbaum