Letter to Southwest Airlines

25 October 2021

Mr. Gary Kelly, CEO
Southwest Airlines
2702 Love Field Dr.
Dallas, TX, 75235

Dear Mr. Kelly,

I’d previously read your comments about vaccine mandates as stated on CNBC. When I read them, I thought as a long-time Southwest customer, I should urge you to GROW A PAIR! However, a few days later I read your about face and now I can see that maybe you did.

Thanks for coming to the realization that firing people who don’t want the jab made no sense. If you, Scott Kirby, Doug Parker, Robin Hayes, and other airline CEOs stood together and told the Biden administration where to stick their mandates, you’d all be heroes for your workers and the American people.

I’m sure you’re quite busy so I’m not sure if you ever followed the adverse effects of the Covid vaccines — but to date more than 17,000 reported deaths, 90,000 hospitalizations and more than 818,000 total adverse events. The death reports are at least 28 times greater than any year since 1990. These are the CDC’s own numbers per the VAERS data.

You said — “I’ve never been in favor of corporations imposing that kind of a mandate. I’m not in favor of that.” Now I’ve just given you some ammunition as to specifically why not these vaccines, not now. I’m sorry the airline had to suffer a few catastrophic days as well with record flight cancellations — but please view those responsible (if it was an employee protest) as the heroes — not the villains.

These mandates and vaccine passports are tearing our society apart and are disruptive to the nation’s recovery. And all for what? Per the FDA, CDC, NIH and Fauci  — these vaccines don’t stop the spread or stop someone from getting the disease. So, you see the irony of these policies — the best way to protect the unvaccinated is to fire them!

Now that you’ve shown the public that you have some COHONES, I’m encouraging you to take it a step further. The CEOs in this country have very loud voices and yours should be one. How about putting your MOUTH where your MONEY is? Stand up for freedom, justice, human rights, and all your employees. Let Biden know where he can stick his mandates. You’re probably four or five phone calls away from making this happen with the entire airline industry.

If Biden doesn’t like it, tell him to have his federal employees take the bus!


Stuart H Rosenbaum
Palm Harbor, FL

CC: Southwest Airlines Board of Directors
Chief Editorial Officer, Wall Street Journal
Editor in Chief Epoch Times