Florida Surgeon General Sees Evidence, Recommends Against Shot for Males 18–39

On October 7, 2022, Florida’s State Surgeon General published this new guidance warning of jab-related cardiac deaths:

The Florida Department of Health (Department) conducted an analysis through a self-controlled case series, which is a technique originally developed to evaluate vaccine safety. This studied mortality risk following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination. This analysis found there is an 84% increase in the relative incidence of cardiac-related death among males 18-39 years old within 28 days following mRNA vaccination. Individuals with preexisting cardiac conditions, such as myocarditis and pericarditis, should take particular caution when considering vaccination and discuss with their health care provider.

As such, the Florida Department of Health has issued the following guidance:

Based on currently available data, patients should be informed of the possible cardiac complications that can arise after receiving a mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. With a high level of global immunity to COVID-19, the benefit of vaccination is likely outweighed by this abnormally high risk of cardiac- related death among men in this age group.

The State Surgeon General now recommends against the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines for males ages 18-39 years old.

Individuals and health care providers should also be aware that this analysis1 found:
• Males over the age of 60 had a 10% increased risk of cardiac-related death within 28 days of mRNA vaccination.
• Non-mRNA vaccines were not found to have these increased risks among any population.

Floridians are encouraged to discuss all the potential benefits and risks of receiving mRNA COVID-19 vaccines with their health care provider. The risk associated with mRNA vaccination should be weighed against the risk associated with COVID-19 infection.

Twitter was quick to censor Ladapo’s post, and quick to restore it. Charlie Crist tweeted: “Our quack Surgeon General Ladapo is back with more misinformation. When I’m governor, I’ll appoint a surgeon general who isn’t a partisan ideologue and who will provide sound medical advice.” In other words, a rubber stamp for mandates.

Attorney Jeff Childers opines:

Governor DeSantis just shattered the gigantic bulletproof glass wall protecting Pfizer and Moderna from ACCOUNTABILITY. You were probably only thinking in terms of how the new guidance would affect shot uptake. Think bigger. A LOT bigger. The guidance now constitutes a state-sanctioned finding that the shots are NOT “completely safe and effective.” Judges will pay attention to this.

Florida is the first state to conduct a study of mRNA vaccine safety. We have yet to see one from the CDC, the FDA, or the NIH, whose budgets dwarf those of entire countries.

Floridians: Secure Your Future by Securing Sane Medical Freedom Laws

MEDICAL FREEDOM IS A BASIC HUMAN RIGHT that has been overlooked to the extreme detriment of U.S. citizens. The havoc this void in our laws can create has become evident to us in the past two and a half years. Laws currently on the books in Florida delegate your medical choices directly to the state health officer (who, in Florida, is the state surgeon general) in emergencies. Under an unenlightened governor, your medical choices could be taken away at the next “emergency” declaration.

The remedy of flawed medical freedom laws and the creation of new laws to secure the essential rights to medical choice require medical and legal experts who can create a defensible strategy to protect public health in an emergency. NOOW is collaborating with Attorney Shawn McBride, president of the American Freedom Information Institute, who has doggedly pursued this mission for years and has become an expert in this area, on his own time outside his regular legal practice.

Shawn has done amazing work, in volume. If you want to view his videos on advocacy, visit his newsletter on Substack. But Shawn needs help from other attorneys to get this work done. He can write the core of these bills and remedies, but he needs other attorneys to be a second set of eyes, to do cross-checks and to do further research.

He also needs help from doctors. Whatever he and his legal experts create will have to be defended by medical experts. In particular, they will need to weigh in on what types of public health measures will control an outbreak while still respecting citizens’ rights. They will need to understand contagion control and defend their positions on the law at public hearings. The testimony of these doctors will be front and center at committee hearings in Tallahassee in order to make the laws viable.

Shawn has found both doctors and attorneys who are fully aligned to this issue and willing to help, but none are free. Shawn estimates it will take 40–60 hours of his time alone to do this correctly. He has been collaborating with fellow freedom fighter Tom Oltorik to drive this effort. Tom has set up a GIVE-SEND-GO campaign to raise the $15,000 Shawn estimates will be needed to cover his basic non-profit expenses through this coming legislative cycle, and to hire the professional help he needs to provide the expert language and testimony to remedy current bills and create new bills. Tom has set up the funding campaign, but the money will go directly to the non-profit American Freedom Information Institute, under the control of Shawn.

As background, Tom Oltorik is Florida state director of the medical freedom group MoveFreelyAmerica.org. Tom was a successful commercial pilot for decades who became a medical freedom advocate after getting “the letter” from his airline telling him that he was now going to have to receive an untested medical procedure in order to fly. As a result, he became a part of movefreelyamerica.org, an organization that promotes citizen lobbying as a fundamental civic duty. You will hear more about Tom in further issues.

The more we raise for this important effort, the more help they can buy. Further, if you know of medical and legal experts who are passionate and knowledgeable in this area of public health and citizen’s rights, please have them contact Shawn McBride at Hello@AmFreedomII.com or (407) 349-3085.

Can’t Be Sued for Creating the Shot, Can Be Sued for Creating the Virus

Renz Law, supported by Pam Popper’s “Make Americans Free Again,” filed a lawsuit on October 5th, 2022 in the Supreme court of New York against EcoHealth Alliance, Peter Daszak, and Ralph Baric. The case alleges that the Defendants were responsible for the injury and/or death of the Plaintiffs due to their creation and subsequent release of SARS-CoV-2 from the Wuhan Laboratories in China.

“Plaintiffs allege 12 reasons for the lawsuit. The first 3 summarize the suit:

  1. This is a toxic tort personal injury action brought by the above-identified Plaintiffs, alleging…negligence, strict liability, breach of implied or expressed warranty, physical and emotional pain and suffering, wrongful death, and economic loss.
  2. The Covid-19 pandemic could have been avoided.
  3. Despite a moratorium on dangerous Gain of Function research – whereby, for example, a virus is genetically altered to become more transmissible in humans – Defendants engaged in such research, which ultimately exposed the entire world to a manipulated, highly transmissible and deadly lab-made virus and global pandemic, directly and proximately causing Plaintiffs’ injuries.”

Other charges include negligent failure to warn, breach of warranty, negligent infliction of emotional distress, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence, gross negligence, assault and battery, medical monitoring and fear of contracting illness, wrongful death and more.

Here is attorney Tom Renz explaining the case in his own words from his recent Substack post:

Within the complaint we discuss the creation of the disease and the injuries it created in our plaintiffs. We then talk about the legal mechanisms (counts) by which we are basing the case. Even though we have not really publicized this much yet, I am already getting a lot of questions. I am glad the case is resonating and hope people keep asking. While I cannot answer most of the questions because it would disclose legal strategy, I can tell you that I have been working on this case for months and we have a TON of reasons for everything we did. No one knows what will happen when you file a suit like this but my team (thank you MAFA, Patty, and others) and I have done EVERYTHING we could to research every detail and ensure there are no holes in the larger litigation strategy.

In terms of the accountability, please know that this is only the first step. On a personal level I do not know that I will ever fully recover from the hundreds or thousands of people I spoke to, begging for help, that ended up dying or losing loved ones because I simply could not make more time in the day. For my part, this simply cannot end until there is accountability for all involved and I have many more things I’m working on to ensure it. With that said, please understand that I am one person, with a small team, very limited funding, and cannot make more time in the day so this will not happen tomorrow. I pray frequently for strength to continue the fight and that God keeps me from deviating from the path (I would be honored by prayers from anyone reading this that is inclined to provide them).

At the end of the day, the crime that was and is COVID-19 will be revealed. We will win this fight and there will be accountability. There will be accountability for the disease, the hospital murders, the jabs, the lockdowns, and everything else and we will do everything we can to ensure that EVERY single person that profited from this crime against humanity pays the price.

Once again, I have Jeff Childers to thank for explaining what makes this story great in Coffee & COVID, Oct. 8, 2022:

“Daszak and EcoHealth are not protected by the PREP Act or any other covid liability shield. They are alleged to have made a VIRUS, not a vaccine. Haha, there’s no liability protection for making viruses. So this lawsuit won’t have to navigate all legal landmines blocking lawsuits against agencies and pharma companies.”

~Alan Graham, staff writer